Memorial cards are special and unique keepsakes that can help in capturing and memorizing special moments of the loved one that has recently passed away. Nicely designed memorial card is a great way to keep the memory about the loved one forever alive. Memorial card can be given away at wakes, funeral services, or at funeral anniversaries.

BerylMartin`s memorial card tributes allow a personalized text along with a single cover photograph. The text on the memorial card may include information about the funeral service, an obituary or some poem, lyrics or other text. Their memorial cards give the opportunity to the families to have a small and special tribute which they will keep forever. As with their other products, the memorial cards come in many different themes and designs.

Usually the front side of the memorial card has a photograph that has some connection with the family and the friends of the deceased one. Sometimes the front side can also contain some religious or spiritual image. Images of specific saints, guardian angels or just plain skies are also common feature of the memorial cards. Today, non-religious images are also very popular like the religious ones. Often the images on the front side of the memorial card represent something that had some connection and was meaningful to the deceased person. For example, if the deceased person was a football or golf player in the past, the memorial card with a football field or golf holes in the back is a very nice way for showing their love for the sport. If the deceased person was a policeman then his badge and uniform might be displayed as a way to commemorate the service he or she loved to do.

Inside and back panels of the memorial cards are usually used to include and show some things about the person who is deceased. Written things are optional. Usually the name and date of birth and death are most common features along with something like In Remembrance of, or in Loving Memory of before the deceased person`s name. People also like to add the photograph of the deceased person on the front side or inside the card. Their cards also have a good feature of soft edges added to the photograph. This allows the photograph to fade away into the border and it is a good way to soften the photograph a bit. Other common features of the memorial cards are smaller icons, different borders and dividers of the photograph and the text.

There is also huge library of poems, prayers, thoughts, lyrics and verses that you can choose from to fit into the memorial card. You can also add any kind of information about the funeral and send it to your friends and close ones. You may also write something personal on the memorial card showing the relationship with the deceased one. In essence, the memorial cards can be designed and made in the exact way you like it. It all depends on your wishes and thoughts.