Poems are the perfect way to expense feelings when you yourself cannot come up with the right things to say. Grief is one of the hardest things to express. Memorial poems are easily found and they work great if you need to speak at a funeral or just for the back of a printed tribute or prayer cards. There are several different styles available to choose from. Therefore, take into consideration who your loved one was personally. If cheerful go for a happy or encouraging one. Reserved, go the more traditional or moaning route. There is a poem in several different style with a little time and help you will find the perfect one in no time at all.

Remembering loved one’s

One of the most popular types of poems for tribute cards is remembrance ones. These are the poems that focus on your loved ones positive traits. Their smiles and laughter. These are the ones that help ease a mourner’s spirit and leaves them knowing what a good hearted person your loved one was. They help you remember the good times you shared instead of the fact that they are no longer with us in the flesh but in spirit.

Mourning loved ones

This is the most traditional type of memorial poems. This is the poem that brings everyone together in their grief. It is designed to let everyone know they are not alone in their sadness and mourning. Most memorial poems are from the deceased point of view telling those left behind that they are okay now However, with a mourning poem it is from the reader’s point of view. They explain how you were not ready to let them go and how you miss little things that made them unique. Those this could make the readers sad it also lets them know that it will be okay and they’re not alone in this feeling.

Encouragement to those left behind

If you are looking for a poem that could make mourners look at the brighter side, then an encouraging poem is the type for you. These let the people who are left behind know that they will see your loved on in the next life, that this is just goodbye for now not forever. This poem explains that they are in a better place now and are carefree with no pain.

No matter what style of memorial poem you go with any will be great. Keep in mind the memory your loved one would have wanted to leave behind when choosing which one to use. In addition to memorial poems there are also several scriptures to choose from that you may find fitting. However, scriptures are more traditional so if you are having a more contemporary service consider uses a poem instead. This can be an overwhelming decision to make. Pick two or three if your favorites and enlist the help of friends and family to pick the best one.