Gone are the days of having a generic funeral or memorial service for your loved one. Your family and friends all have their own unique quirks and personality traits that make them who they are as well as endear them to you and others around them. In these days of services that place an emphasis on honoring and celebrating the life of the one who has passed away, finding the perfectmemorial card allows you to do so much more easily. Use the ideas outlined below to help you tap into those personality traits you love and that your loved one is most well known for to help you cherish their memory.

Crafting the Kind of Service Your Loved One Would Want

There is no doubt about it – losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to deal with during your lifetime. There are ways to help ease your pain, though. Not only can carefully planning the way you memorialize your loved one help make your pain a little duller now, taking the time to put careful thought into the items that are present at the service can help keep their memory alive and more vivid for years to come. It can also help those who attend the service to better cope with the loss of a person who is very special to them as well.

Choices Abound as a Way to Cherish Those You Love

Whether your loved one was the type of person who loved excitement, glitz and glamour or they were more of a simple and no-frills type of person, there is a memorial card that will perfectly reflect their unique personality traits. Honoring your husband for his years of service in the armed forces – a time period that he loved and cherished deeply – by using a photo of him in full uniform on the memorial cards you choose, for example, instantly tells those who see it how very important this accomplishment was to him. Simple and vividly displaying how a picture says a thousand words, everyone who sees it will know instantly just how important his armed services life was to him.

Say it With the Right Words

Their spirituality is important to many people. This is also often a trait that your loved one is eager to pass along to others, making it a cherished memory when it comes to time spent with them. Perhaps your grandmother always chose a special person to say grace at the table before anyone could eat. Whether the gathering was a large family reunion or a more intimate family time, being chosen by the matriarch of the family to say that blessing was both a privilege and an honor. Including her favorite scripture on her memorial card will instantly bring back those cherished memories for anyone who was privileged to be a part of them, ensuring that they will always be kept alive.

Using memorial cards to cherish your loved one’s memory is an easy way to do so – and the memories can last a lifetime.