There is a reason why experts recommend that people plan their memorial service in advance. One of the most often cited reasons is that it takes such an event out of the hands of your loved ones at a time in their lives when they are extremely sad, upset and otherwise very emotional. Because the loss of you, their loved one, is an emotionally charged event, it can lead them to make some unwise decisions. The other reason is that doing so allows you to map out your desires when it comes your final plans. For example, you can choose whether or not you want to be cremated, buried in the family plot or even donate your body for the good of scientific research.

Your Memorial Service

Your memorial service is an important part of the process of closing out your life. This step will probably be a given if you are going to be buried in your chosen spot since it tends to be understood that it is a natural progression. Even if you are choosing to be cremated or you are going to donate your body to science, though, you should plan to have a memorial service. It is during this time that your friends, family and other loved ones can take the opportunity to remember you and say good bye to you. Having a memorial service enables people to get together and reminisce about you, reliving the many memories that will help sooth them during their time of loss.

Find the Right Place

There are many different choices when it comes to finding the right place for your memorial service. Many people simply decide to have theirs at a local funeral home, and this might be an option even if you are not going to be buried in the family plot. In other cases, an individual might have strong ties to a church or other organization that they feel strongly about. Being able to have their memorial service at a place like that could help those left behind find some solace and closure as well.

Think Outside the Box

Being inside somewhere might not be the best place for your memorial service if you are someone who spent a great deal of time outside. Perhaps a gathering of your family and friends along a hiking trail that you loved to frequent or on the beach where you launched your sailboat so many warm and breezy days would be a better representation of the type of person you are. The great thing about pre-planning your own funeral and memorial service is that you have the time and means to craft the type of send-off that perfectly represents you.

There is no single answer when it comes to finding the right place for your memorial service. With a bit of time spent planning as well as some introspection and some input from those family and friends who know you best, you can find that perfect place to hold your memorial service.