Doing business with a family who has just lost their loved one is a sensitive affair. It’s a challenge to sell your services and talk of money when you want to first and foremost remain respectful to the deceased and their family’s memories. But without being distasteful, there are subtle ways to make your funeral services more appealing to potential clients and overall improve your business.

Partner with a Printing Company

From photographs and banners to portraits and memorial cards, there are many printed memories and fond words that families want to express on paper for their loved one’s funeral service. As their service provider, your clients will ask you to create these unique printed tributes for them, and it can be a lot to organize and manage in an artful, timely and affordable way. Partnering with a professional printing company will make the process much easier; not only are they well-equipped to design and produce high quality prints, but they can help you offer your clients the lowest possible prices that you can incorporate into package deals.

Offer Practical and Affordable Packages

Ease and comfort: those who are still grieving will appreciate nothing more from their funeral service provider. You can ease their entire experience by offering your services in packages that can still be customized, but also lay out an idea of which services your clients can expect from their budget. They will feel reassured and less stressed if they are presented with an offer that incorporates everything from the printed programs to the customized keepsakes for every guest; they will feel free to commit their energy to being with their family and friends, instead of having to worry about coordinating every little detail of the funeral service, and will be more likely to select your all-encompassing services.

Share a Gallery of Previous Tributes

Your clients will come with their own vivid memories of their loved one, and might have a difficult time expressing their exact vision for their desired tributes, programs, keepsakes and other details associated with the funeral service. By having a readily available portfolio or gallery of your previous work, including programs and portraits compiled with permission from your previous clients, you can help your client understand the quality of service that you offer. They will be more likely to ask you to coordinate their loved one’s funeral service, because you’ve helped them envision what the details of the funeral will look like and exactly how you will work with them to make it a unique and meaningful experience. You can provide them with these examples of your previous work in a printed portfolio or album, or in a virtual gallery on your business’s website.

Convincing clientele that your funeral services are the most reliable and meaningful doesn’t have to feel like an awkward fight to maintain balance between business and compassion. By taking some simple steps to improve your business, you’ll find that clients will naturally seek your funeral services because you have given them good reasons: comfort, reassurance and integrity.