Those who have recently lost a loved one and are planning their funeral service usually have very specific needs; flowers, a new suit or black hat, copies of photographs or funeral service programs, and many more. Consider the businesses that offer these products and services as the place to market your funeral services and appeal to the needs of a grieving family.

Floral Shops

From decorating the funeral home or church to the final bouquet laid on top of the coffin, most funerals require large orders of flowers. This makes a florist’s shop the ideal place to advertise your funeral home and funeral direction services. Even if the family who has suffered the loss is not out purchasing flowers, their extended family and friends certainly are busy buying flowers to show their sympathy, and in act of assistance to the grieving family, they will make note of your business’s information posted at the florist’s shop, and will pass it along to the family in need of assistance with planning a funeral.

Dress Attire Stores

Most people avoid wearing all black, as it signifies a period of loss and mourning. But when the unfortunate occasion does arrive, those planning to attend the upcoming funeral will hurry to stores that sell formal attire, such as suits, dresses, hats, veils and dress shoes. After buying the appropriate attire, the grieving family will be ready to take the next step in planning their loved one’s funeral, and will be looking for a funeral director. This is why it is wise to market your business at these specific clothing stores, where your contact information will be readily available to your potential clients.

Professional Printers

Printed memories and tributes are an essential aspect of the funeral experience, as they help the family express and share their loved one’s life. Those who opt to design their memorial cards, banners and the many other printed details that accompany funeral services will be making use of a professional printer. These do-it-yourself people will be putting together each component of the funeral individually, so they won’t already have secured a funeral service package. They will be in need of funeral director, and the perfect place to appeal to their need is right at the professional printer where they will be waiting to pick up their orders.

The clientele of a funeral director is a narrow group of people with very specific and sensitive needs. But by considering these needs carefully, not only will you improve your funeral direction services, but you will also be able to draw in the people you yearn to serve; those who have recently lost someone they love and would like to acknowledge their life and shared memories in a meaningful and unforgettable way.