When planning a memorial, one of the integral things to consider is memorial printing services. Everyone wants something to remember their departed loved one by, and a well-made memorial card or tribute is one of the best things to have made to give out at a memorial service.

What are memorial printing services?

Memorial printing services are dedicated companies whose specific goal is to help you create the best tribute to your loved one that you can. They print tributes, memorial cards, or prayer cards with the deceased’s photograph and information to give out to everyone who attends the memorial service in order for them to have something to take home and remember the deceased by.

Details on Products Provided

Memorial printing services provide tribute brochures, memorial cards, and prayer cards to give to attendees of a memorial service. Tribute brochures are larger documents that have multiple pieces of text on them, usually informative about the memorial or funeral service. Memorial cards and prayer cards are smaller slips of paper, usually pocket-sized, that have a passage of text related to the deceased. The text on memorial cards will often be a piece of scripture or a passage from a poem, whereas a prayer card will have a more personal message from the family to the attendants of the service. Memorial printing services can also print personalized thank you cards for the family to send to everyone who attended the memorial service to thank them for their love and prayers. Depending on the printing service, other items may be available for purchase as well, such as keepsakes, banners, bookmarks, and special portraits.

What should I include on a memorial card or tribute?

A photograph of your loved one is the most important feature of a memorial card or tribute. The photograph should be fairly recent and have a clear view of the deceased from the shoulders or waist up. The next thing to include on a memorial card is a text that was important to the deceased, like a passage of scripture or a beautiful poem or favorite song lyric. Many memorial printing services will have suggested poems or passages for you to choose from if you need help deciding what would be best to include. You can also include information such as the details of the funeral, the order of the service, a list of their life accomplishments, or multiple passages of text, but the more you include, the higher the cost of your tribute will be.

How to Pick the Best Memorial Printing Service

You always want to make sure the memorial printing service you choose for your service has good quality products and will be able to send you your items in time for the memorial. A good printing service will be able to provide next-day or two-day shipping for the quickest possible turnaround. It is also best to go with a service that has an established presence and record of good customer service so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you ordered.