BerylMartin makes its ordering process as simple and as painless as possible.

  1. Choose the tributes and designs you want and add them to your cart.
  2. When you are ready to personalize your chosen tributes click on your shopping cart or the button on the right of the screen that says "I’m Finshed! Personalize My Products".
  3. Go through the steps for each of your tributes, providing your pictures and text as requested in the instructions. When completed with a tribute click on the "Finalize this Tribute" checkbox to confirm all information provided is correct.
  4. When you have completed all your tribute personalization, click Checkout.
  5. Then enter your shipping and billing information and select your shipping options. Confirm the order and a proof will be emailed to you later in the day. This Proof must be sent back quickly either accepted or with changes in order to ship the same night.
  6. You’re all set, your personalized tribute will be shipped and delivered to your selected location!

We have a full service art and graphic design staff, who can accommodate any of your needs. If you have a special request please include it in the special instructions box when you are personalizing your tribute. If more explanation is needed or specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your shipping costs come straight from UPS. We recommend to our customers to try and get your order in as soon as possible so you have the option to select cheaper shipping methods. We understand that our customers are usually working within a tight window at a very difficult time, however, placing your order one day earlier can save you over 50% in shipping costs!

There are cases where we can consolidate your order to save some shipping, if this is the case we will credit you the shipping amount saved.

Ordering Deadline:         

Monday thru Friday, if all components of the order (i.e. photographs and text) have been received by 12 noon your local time, the order will ship that evening.

Saturday, if all components of the order (i.e. photographs and text) have been received by 10 a.m. CDT, the order will ship that day.

We work hard to make sure all of our customers are satisfied. If you are past the deadline, but still need an order rushed out we still may be able to do it! Please contact customer service at 877-369-5433 or contact BerylMartin anytime at 877-369-5433 or wecare@berylmartin.com as soon as possible to see if we are able to.

Common FAQs

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BerylMartin is dedicated to creating the perfect tribute for your loved one. The proofing process helps us make sure you have a final tribute free of errors and mistakes. We have the option to waive the proof however, we recommend our customers to receive and quickly look over the proof if you have the time.

We work hard to get a fully personalized tribute in and out the door in sometimes as little as a 6 hour time window! The reason we have such a small 30 minute return deadline is so we can ensure that it will get shipped the same day. If we do not receive your accepted proof in time we will still work diligently to try to ship it the same day, we just cannot guarantee it.


The photographs you provide make all the difference when creating your tribute. Here are some scanning tips:

File Formats - We accept jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, pdf - 10MB maximum size per file.

Picture Resolution

  • We recommend you scan your photographs at a minimum DPI setting of 600.
  • If you are ordering larger format tributes, such as memorial portraits, personal panels, memorial banners, or any of our photo keepsakes, we recommend a minimum DPI setting of 1200.
  • You can easily change your DPI setting on your scanner either through the scanner menu or as an option before you scan.
  • If you are dealing with small photographs (smaller than 2” by 4”), we recommend you increase the size setting on your scanner to 200% and scan at maximum allowable DPI. This is usually done through the scanner menu or as an option before you scan.

The main thing to keep in mind: the better the quality and higher the DPI/resolution of the images you provide, the more beautiful the tribute will be!